How we work

Local partnership

Rebuilding Haiti Now works in collaboration with the following organizations which have a solid track record of services Haiti.

• The Haitian Methodist Church Office for General Education (BEMHEG, in French) which has been a pioneer in the education field in Haiti for several decades. Today, they operate 85 schools throughout the country and a College of Education; several were damaged in the quake.

• Organisation des Jeunes Universitaires de Carrefour pour l’Avancement d’Haiti (OJUCAH) primarily operates in the Valley of Jacmel region. They work with local communities on diverse projects, ranging from education/schools, hygiene, agriculture and reforestation.

• Technar Construction is based in Port-au-Prince, and is experienced with both commercial (hospitals/schools) and residential constructions. Technar Construction is committed to use local labor and materials wherever possible to maximize the economic impact of our reconstruction projects. Technar Construction specializes in the assessment and construction of reinforced concrete structures.

• Independent school directors – in Haiti, 95% of schools are private, as the government is unable to fulfill its duty of providing education for all. Many schools are parochial in nature, sometimes as a part of a greater religious organization, but not always.

We have selected these organizations through personal, positive past experience. As we continue to rebuild schools in Haiti, we hope to meet new partners which will share in our vision.

School selection

Rebuilding Haiti Now used the following criteria to select the first group of schools which will benefit from our rebuilding assistance

• Schools further from Port-au-Prince, hard to reach, therefore last to receive help
• Schools where the local community is engaged in the development of the area
• Schools closer to Port-au-Prince, with a displaced population which results in a more difficult context

All schools (pre-)selected for reconstruction by Rebuilding Haiti Now are visited by our organization’s president, Ms. Doebeli-Rocourt, accompanied by Technar Construction’s engineer/architect, and the school director. If the construction project appears feasible, Technar Construction creates blueprints, project plan and quote for each school. Upon review with our Board and financials available, Rebuilding Haiti Now selects schools to be rebuilt, and notifies the school director.

Social and economic impact

The rebuilding of a school results in short and long term impact of the local community.

• The children who attend those schools will find again a place to learn
• The teachers and other school staff will be able to return to work
• Use of local workmanship for each site repaired or rebuilt
• Use of local supplies and materials, when possible
• Improvement of know-how in building techniques under the leadership of recognized Haitian professionals
• Use of local carpentry skills to produce school furniture