Rebuilding Haiti Now’s mission is to provide funding, equipment, supplies and leadership skills to assist Haiti in rebuilding and operating schools and other facilities that will help the Haitian people achieve human progress.

As a charitable organization, we understand that our commitment is three-fold:   To our donors, our volunteers, and our beneficiaries.  We also need to balance the extreme needs in Haiti with the availability of donor funds and supplies, and the ability to execute projects successfully.

We commit to the following:

  • We will evaluate educational and other social-enrichment projects with the utmost care 
  • We wil track, measure and report project results 
  • We will treat all beneficiaries, donors, volunteers and staff with dignity 
  • We will display integrity in all our dealings with NGOs, other charitable organizations and government officials 
  • We will promptly acknowledge and provide a receipt for all donations 
  • We will share our financials with our donors 
  • We will keep administrative expenses to 10% or less to ensure the greatest impact possible for all contributions