Geographical situation
Molière is a small town about 1 1/2 hour of Petit Goave, it is difficult to access because located in the mountains. Petit-Goâve is 47 miles from Port-au-Prince. The road is on the hillside and often breached. Some students come from the neighbouring villages. The furthest ones have a 1 1/2 h walk to reach the school. 

9 classrooms
2 attendances : 6h30-12h00 et 12h15-17h
Enrollment : 682 students, preschool and primary school
Staff : 17 teachers

Assessment of the building
The buildings comprising the school were damaged but salvageable. The school consists of several units distributed according to the soil, which is a prominent rock quarry. Upon entering the property there is a first unit containing four classrooms with a staircase and a gallery in front the classrooms. The last classroom seems to have been added to the existing structure. Made of stone, rock walls have been built without reinforced concrete structure. They could not withstand the earthquake and collapsed. The unit was covered with a wooden frame and corrugated aluminum sheets. A second unit located behind the first one, housed the Principal of the school, the teachers and a little warehouse. At the end of the driveway there is another unit containing: the Principal’s office and three classrooms separated by a corridor leading to a large room, glued to the preceding and with a space for crafts. The three buildings are built in blocks masonry. The roof is covered with corrugated aluminum sheets on wood frames.

Latest update

At Molière, all construction work is completed. Logistically, this building effort was most challenging. We endured delays due to heavy rains and riots/roadblocks rendering the site unreachable; lack of materials, and additional damage from storms/hurricane Tomas. Thanks to our local team’s tenacity and resourcefulness, and Moliere staff’s patience, we were able to complete construction according to plans. Now, students are all back in classrooms!