Geographical situation
Lavial is a village located at the altitude of 1500 feet , in La Vallee de Jacmel in the southeastern part of Haiti. It is accessible by a winding, steep mountainous road approximately four hours from Port au Prince.  

1 attendance : 7h30-13h et 13h-17h
Enrollment : 412 students (for the two units) , preschool and primary
Staff : 8 teachers
Unit to be repaired :
2 classrooms
1 hallway
1 office for the school principal
1 small deposit to dry rations (food aid)
a gallery, uncovered that seves as community space

Assessment of the building
Built in hard (rock masonry foundations, reinforced concrete structure, walls and partitions agglomerated cement plaster on both sides, a concrete roof) on a relatively resistant soil.
After the earthquake of January 12, 2010 the walls of the different rooms are partially cracked, the ceilings are cracked and soot, rooms are poorly ventilated and are dark. The floors are also cracked and the wood doors are in poor condition.
The Gallery is a space limited by guard rails, the floor partially collapsed because the retaining wall that supports it has faltered in some places causing a compaction embankments and deformation of large concrete flooring.
The building has survived the earthquake and has not been reach in its entirety. It can be recovered by performing some renovations.

Work to be done to repair the school
•  Elimination of cracks throughout the body building
•  Repair the gallery
•  Setting up new windows
•  Repair of doors
•  Painting
Latest update

At Sainte-Therese school in Lavial, all repairs have been completed. The building has also been repainted, and the terrace was completely redone. It is now a safe area for the children’s enjoyment. The school director was excited to finally resume all learning indoors away from the elements!