Geographical situation
The College Apostolique is located in Cuperlier, a small town in the Petit-Goâve region. Unlike our previous Petit-Goâve school construction projects, this school is located in the plains, and is situated just minutes off the main road.

• 243 students
• 14 teachers
• 1 building with 11 “classrooms”
• 1 kitchen “area”
• 1 WC “area”

Assessment of the building
The building suffered damage during the quake, but with some wall repairs, the building is deemed safe. The kitchen and restroom areas need to be completely redone. Toilets and sinks will be installed. Currently, classrooms are “separated” using a mobile plywood blackboard. Our plan provides for separate classrooms with walls, with a separate door entrance to each classroom. All classrooms are currently dark, with very small “window” openings. We will increase the openings to increase luminosity throughout the building. For improved safety, the perimeter fence will be rebuilt and the courtyard will be leveled. Finally, the building will be given a fresh coat of paint.

Latest update
This school is completed! Students and teachers found a newly-renovated school when returning for a new year in early October 2012. They are especially pleased with the bright classrooms and new blackboards, modern restrooms and a small drinking water cistern for a healthier environment. The school director continues his appeal to humanitarian organizations for a hot lunch program for the students. During our last visit in January 2013, we put him in contact with key USAID personnel and hope that this school will receive a lunch program soon.

Wish list
Hot lunch program and new benches/desks for the students