We are thrilled to share with you our accomplishments, our new challenges, and most of all, our gratitude for your continued support. Without our donors, none of this would be possible. In spite of difficult economic times globally, our donors have found a way to support Haitian children, teachers and school directors in their effort to rebuild after the devastating 7.0 earthquake in January 12, 2010.

From the bottom of our heart – thank you!

We just completed construction at our 7th school! Please visit our Schools Completed page to see new pictures of the Barrette community school, in the Petit-Goâve area.
We are soon beginning construction at the Edzer-Vilaire school, also in the Petit-Goâve area. Please visit our Schools In Progress page to see a description and pictures of this school.

 We thank our corporate sponsors who had faith that our small organization could make a difference:
• ROLEX Institute
• Boghossian S.A.
• Cascade Business Group LLC
• Une Education Pour Demain (UEPD)
• Hopper Blue LLC
• FT Cares Foundation

We thank organizations that raised funds for our cause:
• Cupcake Camp Paris
• Ashtanga Yoga Paris
• APE Champittet
• The International School of Geneva and its PTA
• The Kuweit English School 
• The CEFRA (Centre de Formation et de Recherches sur les stratégies d'Apprentissage )

Last but not least, our sincere thanks to our many donors!